Run #3: Enter the Bikila and Surprise 5k!

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Gear, Running, Shoes

Well this morning’s run turned out to be an interesting one. I got the Bikilas in the mail yesterday and I’m already a fan. You put them on and, standing still, you feel fast. Once you get going, you forget the shoe is there at all…until you run through terrain that has twigs or rocks or other sharp bits; then it just feels like you’ve got a nice protective layer on the sole of your foot. There’s still a substantial amount of feedback – if there’s something jagged or something that’s not going to easily yield under your foot, you feel it; not enough to hurt, but enough to know that you need to react.

Aren't they pretty and shiny? We'll take care of that.

So this morning, I threw on my new Bikilas and was ready to see what kind of difference they made in a regular run. Like I said, they performed exactly how I hoped – they didn’t get in the way and kept my feet protected at the same time. There was a bit of rub on the Achilles from the loop pull, but that will work itself out after a couple of runs (or with a bit of hacking of my own). Nothing else chafed or rubbed. Think armored toe socks and you’re not too far off.

The surprise 5K came into play when I was nearing the back half of my run. There’s a gravel road near the front of our neighborhood that I’ve driven by for years, always wondering where it went. Well this morning, looking for a little bit of surface variety, I figured “It runs parallel to the main road, I’ll just see where it comes out…” About 5 minutes later I was in the back end of neighborhood I didn’t even know existed! By the time I got myself to a road that looked familiar, I’d already chewed through another mile and was right back where I started…which was a mile from the house! Considering the longest run this week was two miles, I was slightly dismayed. So my pace took a hit and by the end, my feet were dragging (another benefit of the Bikilas, when my foot inevitably drags, it’s the sole of the shoe taking the hit, not my foot; but it’s still enough of a jolt that I correct right away and start picking my feet up again). 15 minutes later and I was finally back at the house looking at my first (incredibly puny) 5K time (give or take .1 miles)!

Not so shiny now, are ya? Ya damn smug shoes!

So I really got to put the shoes through their paces (har) and learned that one should possibly consult a map when when one has a freaking GPS in their phone. But overall, it was a positive experience – looking forward to getting out again (next week, though – I need to give my legs a rest!).


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