Run #4: Runnin’ in the Rain

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Running
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Post-run: Soaked and Loving It!

Well apparently a few thunderstorms and a 20 degree dip in temperature are what it takes to get me really going! Missed karate tonight and was determined to do something, so I pulled on the Bikilas and headed out despite the rain. Didn’t have any gear tonight since I didn’t want Noelle’s iPhone or iPod to share the same fate as my poor pool-soaked iPhone. It was actually nice – there wasn’t anyone out because of the weather, it was considerably cooler than normal, and the rumbling in the distance created a nice mellow soundtrack. I took the time to really listen to my stride, since I didn’t have any other distractions. When I’m really getting things right, I barely hear myself hit the ground at all. When the wheels start to come off, that’s when I get the wet slapping of my whole foot hitting. I also tried to change up my technique; lifting my feet with my knees, rather than pushing off with the ball of my foot. I’ve seen it described in a few places and thought I should give it a shot. It helped considerably and I was able to shave ~3 minutes off my pace (the temperature helped a lot too).

I noticed that I didn’t have any of the bone-jarring landings that I’m used to when running. Granted, I’m fairly certain I’ve been doing this all wrong for as long as I’ve run; but running “barefoot” forced me to take notice of it. My heels don’t have the cushion to absorb those kinds of landings, so as soon as the horizon starts thudding and vibrating, I know I’ve got to adjust quickly.

Minimalist...and filthy

So 28 minutes, 2.1 miles later, I came back soaked, dirty, and ready for more. A note on the Bikilas – they performed perfectly in the rain. I was concerned that they would tighten up in the wet, but the material they’re made out of stayed pliable. And they kept great traction – even on wet grass, I didn’t worry about slipping even once. I’m hoping for more rainstorms soon!


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