Run #5: I’m On A Boat!

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Running
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And I’m back in the saddle! Kinda. Short run tonight (1.94 miles) due to lots of thunder and a new iPhone that didn’t want to cooperate with Runkeeper.

Tried a new route tonight. Found that, even though I’m only 5 runs in, I was already training myself as to when I “had to” walk on my route. Give me a new route, with completely different visual cues and I discovered I was going a little farther between walk rests.

I was psyched at first because the rate/pace indicators worked and let me know how far along I was. But I really wish that Runkeeper had a 15 minute option. Every 5 minutes is just too much distraction. Also, I don’t know if it’s the new phone, or the way it was sitting in my pack, or Runkeeper, but I had major problems on the last half of my run keeping my music going. That and Voice Control kept breaking in trying to do…what, I don’t know. I’ll have to do a bit of research once the Runkeeper site comes back online.

Speaking of, they’re going through a service upgrade over there, so no run link tonight (edit: fixed!). Other than the aforementioned playlist problems, the app works great with iOS 4. Multitasking is perfectly implemented.

Oh yeah, the one positive thing to come out of my music problems was the discovery that “I’m On A Boat” by Lonely Island is the perfect pace song. It’s hysterical, steady, and has just the right amount of mock outrage (it’s also foul – not for sensitive ears, m’kay?). I should know since I got to listen to it 5 times in a row.

Only three days till my beach run! Hopefully there will be less lightning bolts to dodge!


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