Run #6: Runnin’ on Full

Posted: July 3, 2010 in Running

Got home from a dinner of meat-lover’s calzones and chocolate almond ice cream and had absolutely no desire to do anything. Zero. Zilch. The unstoppable force had met the immovable object.

So I knew I had to strap on the Bikilas and go for a run.

Decided to keep things interesting by going through the road construction near the house where they’re putting a bridge in over the canal. Turned out to be just the thing to keep my mind off of my decidedly full stomach. Had a solid 13:22 pace and almost hit 2.5 miles. But looking over the Runkeeper log of my run (which worked perfectly tonight – no hint of the technical difficulties I had last Friday), and comparing that with Noelle’s long bridge run from this morning, I see what real pacing looks like – a series of plateaus…as opposed to mine that looks like the freakin Rockies. Not that this is news, my pacing has always sucked; but having a visual helps me see what I’m shooting for.

So six runs in three weeks…not especially amazing; but it’s more than I’ve done for a long time and I’m still enjoying it. Heck, I’m even considering telling the family to skip birthday presents next month and just register me for a 5k or two for the fall…yeah, I’m not right in the head at all.


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