Run #7: Gettin’ Beachy With It

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Running

Here’s why I hate running on the beach. A year ago, Noelle convinced me to go out and do a four mile relay with her. She did two and I did two. She did hers in no time flat. I…well, I was a wee bit slower.

Octogenarians were passing me.

When I passed the 1 mile marker, the course tender very deliberately walked up to the cone that marked the turnaround point and picked it up, giving me a pointed look as he went back to his golf cart and drove back to the starting line. I wasn’t just last…I was dead last. I was the guy that was keeping everyone from their keg at the top of the beach. I was the one who’s name was announced over the loudspeaker as I came in view of the (mostly disassembled at that point) starting banner. Y’see, Noelle had been so kind as to give the coach my name and he made sure that there was no way I was going to limp over the finish line at anything but a dead run. By the time I got done gasping for air five minutes later, the entire beach crew had packed up and disappeared.

I’ve avoided beach runs since then.

But tonight? Tonight was a great run! Left the Bikilas at home and went au naturel (which actually works better on the beach – you really need that ground feel to navigate such an uneven surface). I was able to maintain a run for nearly a full mile (which I don’t think I’ve done…well…ever!). Totally sapped me for the second mile, though (which you can see if you look at the Runkeeper stats). Every time I thought I got my pace back, the legs gave out and I was walking again. I’ll blame it on the sun in my eyes and the headwind that always seems to be blowing from the North when I’m at the beach.

Actually, I found that it wasn’t necessarily the cardio that was hanging me up, but my legs. I always assumed that my cardio held me back for longer runs, but I was breathing fine today; the legs felt like lead weights, though. It did inspire me to find different muscles to lean on to finish things up (hellooooo glutes and quads!). So muscle endurance, I’ve got to work on that.

Going to start ticking the mileage up this weekend and into next week (actually, next week I test for my next belt in Tae Kwon Do, so the schedule’s going to be all screwed up…sigh) in preparation for a four mile beach run at the end of the month. I’m not quite sure I can get all the way to 4 in three weeks; but I’m sure as hell going to try!

  1. U know me says:

    Lunges and squats. Wash rinse repeat.

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