Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Gear
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On my beach run last night, I baked like I haven’t baked on previous runs. There was no shade and nowhere to hide. This, understandably, resulted in copious amounts of sweat.

Which exposed another flaw in my arsenal, my sunglasses.

Noelle got me a righteous pair of Oakley GasCans for Christmas a couple years back and I’ve had no complaints about them. They’ve served me well as my go-to shades for two years (a necessity when you live in a state where the sun tries to blind/kill you on a regular basis). But about halfway through my run they refused to stay in place. The nosepiece is integrated into the frame and is made of the same slick plastic. So they have no “grab” at all.

I’m thinking I might look into a pair of shades to workout in. Maybe these these Half Jackets. I got Noelle a similar pair last year and they’re great – the rubber nosepiece is grippy and durable (and the lenses are replaceable for when I inevitably scratch them up).

What do you guys think? What sunglasses have you tried out and liked? I’ve honed in on Oakley, because I’ve had good luck with them in the past; but is there a better brand for high-performance sunglasses?

  1. javascoots says:

    Hey Bro, loving the site, and loving the fact that you’re pounding the pavement agian. Next time Laurie and I come down we should do a run.

    Sadly my favortie pair of sunglasses is the Original style of the Oakley Minute, but they stopped making them last year. So in another month or so I will be forced to swith to something else.

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