Run #8: Pacing, Pacing, Pacing

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Running

Made a concerted effort today to try and maintain pace for at least as long as I did on my beach run earlier this week. Only was able to keep it up for the first .85 (instead of .88); but it was a lot hotter and I’d just mowed the lawn (and the sun was in my eyes, and the sun is opposite my zodiac sign, and, and, and…). Still, even after my first cooldown, I was able to keep coming back to my previous speed. For a little less distance each time; but it’s something to shoot for!

Oh yeah, my son fell off his bike right at the end of the run, so that’s why it seesaws so dramatically (had to sprint to catch up and triage the poor guy). Through that I discovered that I had a lot of run left in me. Also got to feel, briefly, what a 6 minute mile would feel like (damn fast, if’n you’re wondering)!

Tried out one of those powdered energy drinks afterwards (Electro Mix); bit of a pain in that you pretty much forced to mix it outside of a sports bottle (since it makes 4 cups per packet) – but I sucked it down after the run in less than 10 minutes. Did it improve my post-run recovery? Hell if I know; but it tasted good (very citrusy, but not sweet at all, think Gatorade like it used to be)!


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