Earphone Issues

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Gear, Hardware
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I’m still having what I thought were Runkeeper issues where the iPhone’s Voice Control feature would kick in randomly during my runs and totally kill my music playback.

After a bit of research, it sounds like this happens with other Apple mobility products (iTouch, iPods, etc). Some people swear it only happens when they’re paired with Apple headphones; others say the headphones don’t make a difference. Supposed causes vary wildly from sweat, to excessive motion, to wind noise.

So it’s not Runkeeper’s fault (which is good – I’m loving the program). And it’s probably not the earphones’ fault; which is also good – I don’t want to shell out more for different earphones. I like the Apple Earphones I picked up last year. Unlike the Shures, they don’t totally block ambient noise, kind of important when you’re out running, I think.

I’ve thrown a passcode on my phone so that I can disable voice dialing (why you need to add a passcode to your phone to do that is beyond me), we’ll see if that works. The other decidedly low-tech option is putting a piece of tape over the mic. I’ll try that next if disabling voice dialing doesn’t work.

  1. Adam says:

    You could just buy a new MP3 player. I mean… you state you love the program and you love the earphones. I don’t read any iPhone love in there. Just get a new something something.

  2. Problem is, Runkeeper only works on the iPhone. So I’m wedded to it.

    I do love the iPhone (took a ton of video on it yesterday and am very pleased with the versatility of the device); this is just one of those annoyances that Apple is slow to address (since they’ve got bigger things to worry about).

    • Adam says:

      No problem is bigger than YOUR problem. You should write a letter to Steve Jobs. Or do a face-to-face video call or whatever.

  3. Yeaaaah, let’s just try the different headphones route first. We’ll call getting up in Jobs’ grill Option B.

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