Run #9: Technical Difficulties

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Running, Software

OK, so the Voice Control thing is really getting obnoxious. It could be that, once the humidity drops and I don’t feel like I’m running through my own personal Okefenokee Swamp, I’ll be able to use the Apple in-ear headphones again. But totally non-scientific testing seems to bear out what others are saying: sweat gets in the mic/volume control widget and shorts the phone into Voice Control mode. I’ll try a pair of cheapo headphones next run and see if they bear the theory out. I’m finding that I really need my music and my pace notifications and having everything cut out halfway through my run kills me!

Speaking of which, managed to stay under 13 minutes again (12:33…nothing that’s going to rocket me out of the bottom of the pack, but still a good progression for yours truly). I kept up the run for about 3 quarters of a mile, which was a bit shorter, but I was stress eating earlier tonight as we got G ready for his last board-break before karate testing. (I seem to have a ton of excuses as to why I’m off pace, don’t I?). Really wasn’t feeling it tonight; but at least I got out there, kept under 13 minutes, and managed to add some distance in prep for the 4 mile run (which is in LESS THAN A WEEK! YIPES!). I’m really going to have to step things up if I want to come in at a time that doesn’t totally embarrass my family for generations to come.

One last thing, I retract my previous statement, Electro-Mix tastes nothing like the Gatorade you grew up with. It’s crisp and refreshing. Orange-flavored GU Brew tastes exactly like the stuff you grew up with – I swear, one sip and I was transported to every bout of strep and stomach bug I had growing up. I won’t be going back for seconds.


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