Run #10: Intentional 5K Conquered!

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Running
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Ah-HA! Tenth run and I decided to go for broke (especially since I’m supposed to run 4 miles next Tuesday). Queued up Runkeeper, mapped out a route online and pounded out a 5k! I managed to beat both of my “Try not to run like an old man” goals by staying under a 13 minute pace and completing 3.1 miles under 40 minutes (juuuuuuust barely made that one).

My first mile (after I get my breathing down and stop huffing and puffing) has been really good these past few runs, usually well under 12 minutes/mile. But it’s after that mile that my legs get fatigued and my brain starts convincing me to walk more and more. That’s when that pace starts creeping back towards 13 m/m. Now, the third mile tonight was much more solid because I realized I was close to missing my pace, so I pushed to keep it under.

Debriefing with Noelle after the run, she had some solid suggestions. The one that I really want to try next time is to plan my walking intervals so that I’m not burning out my legs early in the run. By halfway through the first mile, I’ve got my breathing down, so I don’t feel like I have to pant like a dog to get oxygen. So I feel like I should go as far as I possibly can before my legs bark at me to stop. A better strategy, and one that Noelle’s successfully used to improve her time, is to take quick breaks (and walk faster) while you’re still fresh; save some of that energy to take you farther. Great advice – especially since my pace was seesawing between 10 and 20 m/m towards the end there (making it a lot harder to recover my pace).

Quick note on the earphones – switched the in-ears w/ the mic for the standard white iPod earbuds (sans mic) and everything went perfectly. Runkeeper didn’t cut out once. I miss being able to use the remote to repeat songs (I’m on a boat!); but I’ll just have to spend some time with my playlist so that I don’t need to tweak on the go (Note to self: Be cruel and insert the Buffy theme in mile 2 and 3). Small price to pay for the hardware to behave the way it’s supposed to. 🙂


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