Run #11: You Will Believe a Man Can Run 4 Miles

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Running

Strong run last night – decided to try intervals for the first time to see if I could eliminate some of the lag I’ve been feeling once I get past 1 mile out. Since Runkeeper isn’t really set up for intervals, I settled on 4 minutes running/2 minutes walking; not what the experts recommend but it was going to be way too annoying to have Runkeeper going off in my ear every minute (which would be necessary if I was doing 2/1). It worked really well overall and I was able to keep my time well under 13 minutes. The weather helped out too, since it started to rain about halfway through mile 2 and really cooled me down. Still wasn’t a magic bullet, as my legs still wanted to give out towards mile 3; but I was able to make like Muad’Dib and go all Kwisatz Haderach on myself – the first 2 minutes of a run portion were easy(ish); but when the second 2 minutes kicked in and I wanted to crap out, I just told myself that it was only a few seconds more, I could always run for just a few more seconds. Mind over matter (even if the last few run portions weren’t much better than a walking pace)!

The other big accomplishment last night was that I reached 4 miles! I figured I’d better do at least one 4 mile run before tonight’s beach run so that I had an idea of a) what my time would be like and b) if I could make it or if I’d wake up with some kid poking me with a stick at the shoreline, telling their Mom to come over and see the manatee. My legs are definitely sore today; but I’m hoping they recover by the evening (I wanted to do my long run on Sunday; but forces conspired).

Even so, if I’m a bit slower because of last night’s run, I’m confident that I have the tools I need to maintain a decent pace. Fingers crossed!


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