Run #12: I Wasn’t Last!

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Running

Consider the Beach Run conquered!

I wasn’t last (I was close – but there were at least two people behind me, so I know I wasn’t the very last one to cross the line). Actually beat my time from last night’s 4 miler by quite a bit – came within spitting distance of 48:30 (Runkeeper has 48:54, but that’s cause I couldn’t get to it to turn it off). My pace was close to 12 m/m as well, even with me taking it “easy” in the 3rd mile and switching from 4 minutes running/2 minutes walking to a 2/2 interval (my brain took advantage of my inability to count and tricked me, I swear!).

Running with a big, experienced group was a little bit nerve-wracking (OK, a lot nerve-wracking); but it helped me speed up at the beginning and provided me with incentive to keep things going strong. It was also disheartening to see people essentially lapping me on my first mile; but then they’ve been doing this longer. :-p

Overall, I’m really pleased with my performance. I reached my mini-goal and was able to turn in a better time that I expected. I’ll definitely be adding more group runs here and there to break up the monotony of running alone.

I had the best cheerleaders though – couldn’t ask for a better crew!


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