Run #13: In Which the Wheels Come Off

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Running

Woof. I did not want to be out there tonight. I thought that 48 hours was a good enough rest period for my back-to-back 4 milers. Was I ever mistaken. Tonight’s issues were totally mental. My calves were complaining the entire time, but nothing that I couldn’t have pushed through. No, tonight I wasn’t focused and didn’t have a clear goal that I was out there to accomplish. I suppose I’m at that stage where I want to run but I’m not yet at the point where running is its own reward.

I thought I could maybe gear myself up for the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon relay in October; but they’re all full up (though next year – watch out!). So I’m going to have to choose something else to motivate me. For now, I think I’d be content if I could get my 5k time down below 35 minutes (which was Noelle’s time for her first 5k). And not just once, but consistently. I still need to find a comfortable pace that’s going to give me the speed I want, but isn’t going to totally kill me the next day.

The Bikilas are holding up great (did the beach run on Tuesday barefoot – that was fantastic!). About the only time I notice them is when I step on something that would have hurt if I’d been barefoot and at the end of the run. I’ve noticed that the right sole seems to be wearing a bit more than the left, but I think that’s more a function of me coming down harder on my right foot (I’m right-handed…I wonder if that makes a difference?). So far, the experiment is paying off. I didn’t get anywhere near this kind of mileage last time I tried to take up running.


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