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Back to the Grind

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Sigh…summer is over; and with it any semblance of free time! Looks like Noelle and me are going to be back to negotiating for run time. (Oh, who am I kidding, she can run me down in about 30 seconds flat…I wouldn’t get out of the driveway before she had passed me and was down the street.)

Should be interesting to see how things progress as we head into prime race season!


Run #17: Cobbler, Cobbler, Cobbler

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Running

I didn’t run last night.

I was gonna. But there was cobbler involved. Not just any cobbler, this cobbler. Made with blueberries. And a crumbly pecan topping. And homemade whipped cream.

I regret nothing.

So I hit the pavement tonight to make up for my cobblericious betrayal (granted, tonight’s run was also followed by cobbler…don’t judge me). Actually was able to pound out a respectable 5K time (for me). Even though the Runkeeper site says 3.03 miles and my Runkeeper app told me 3.1 when I was running. IT LIES! IT LIEEEESSSSS!


So to sum up: 5K in under 40 minutes, under 13/mile pace, cobbler.

Damn good evening if you ask me.

Run #16: Sooooo Close

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Running

.01 miles…that’s all I needed to make 2.5! Grrr. I really hate it when I guesstimate my distance and am off by a teeny amount. I know that it’s essentially the same, but still, I feel cheated!

Was raining all day today so it was insanely muggy when I got out. The plus side was that it was raining all day, so things were about 15 degrees cooler than they usually would have been. I was still soaked within a quarter mile, but it didn’t feel like I was running through the middle of the Okefenokee.

Wasn’t really wanting to run, but I’d done as much damage redecorating and drilling into walls as I was going to do without seriously annoying everyone, so getting out was a very good thing. Managed to keep it just over 13 per mile, which isn’t bad since I wasn’t actively going out to beat my time. I’m getting faster, sloooowly, but it’s coming along. I think that the fall is going to be fantastic for really adding speed. It’s amazing what a few degrees of temperature difference can do!

Post-run, I’m seriously considering finding out how well vodka would go with Electro Mix. Pretty damn well, I’d think. Also fairly counter-intuitive; but a guy’s got to treat himself, right?


Posted: August 6, 2010 in Running

Went for a walk outside to defrost from the deep-freeze that is my office. Found myself quickening to “warm-up walk” pace without even realizing I was doing it…apparently it’s been too long since I ran!

I’ll have to amend that soon. 🙂

Ah-HA! Noelle reminded me that she did a great 4-miler last year around this time. It was a “cross-country” run…which in Sarasota means that you’re going to go cavorting across well-manicured golf courses. Still, it’s off road (which I really prefer) and it’s 4 miles (which I consider to be the upper limit of my “run without embarrassing myself and my kin” range). And, hey, some of the divots are pretty nasty; it could be a dangerous course!

Had a solid 2.7 mile run out at Rothenbach. Love that park; but damn if it wasn’t insanely humid out! Granted the giant dark storm clouds and constant thundering should have clued us in that humidity was going to be a slight issue tonight. Was joined by Val who was kind enough to slow it down to my meandering 13 minute mile pace. As much consternation as I have over running with people (because, you know…damn slow), it was really nice having someone to chat with and keep my mind off the fact that a minute lasts about 10 hours when you’re counting down to a walk interval.

Speaking of counting down – my lovely wife was kind enough to give me an early birthday present! Noelle got me an Adidas Fitness Control watch at Fit2Run so that I could move my interval timing from Runkeeper (which is a great program, but way too intrusive for short intervals) to my wrist. After poring over the manual for about 30 minutes (I am in awe of manuals that are seemingly written in plain English, but still impart no actual knowledge to the reader), I was able to program in a 2/3 walk/run interval. Worked like a charm (and it’s sharp looking – I got the one w/ the black & red band, which they seem to have discontinued; pity). So early birthday present which I can torture myself with…

Next time I take up a hobby it’s going to involve beer…or chocolate…or bacon…or maybe all three.