Run #16: Sooooo Close

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Running

.01 miles…that’s all I needed to make 2.5! Grrr. I really hate it when I guesstimate my distance and am off by a teeny amount. I know that it’s essentially the same, but still, I feel cheated!

Was raining all day today so it was insanely muggy when I got out. The plus side was that it was raining all day, so things were about 15 degrees cooler than they usually would have been. I was still soaked within a quarter mile, but it didn’t feel like I was running through the middle of the Okefenokee.

Wasn’t really wanting to run, but I’d done as much damage redecorating and drilling into walls as I was going to do without seriously annoying everyone, so getting out was a very good thing. Managed to keep it just over 13 per mile, which isn’t bad since I wasn’t actively going out to beat my time. I’m getting faster, sloooowly, but it’s coming along. I think that the fall is going to be fantastic for really adding speed. It’s amazing what a few degrees of temperature difference can do!

Post-run, I’m seriously considering finding out how well vodka would go with Electro Mix. Pretty damn well, I’d think. Also fairly counter-intuitive; but a guy’s got to treat himself, right?


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