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In an effort to make sure I hurt myself as much as possible whilst training, I’ve come up with a new game to keep me active at the office.

The most direct paths to the bathroom and break room are now gone. They’ve been scorched from the earth in a fiery Hellstorm. Now, the only way for me to take care of vital functions is to go down the stairwell closest to my cube, exit at the ground floor, walk across the building to the other stairwell, go back up to the third floor, then walk through the “undestroyed” portion of the building.

I may decide that internal hallways on the first floor have been flooded with nanoscopic ninjas at some point, forcing me to circumnavigate the building outside before re-entering and gaining access to the stairwell. This will likely not happen till it’s cooler (little known facts: nanoscopic ninjas love heat, detest cold weather, and will only venture indoors once the temperature dips below 75).

With all the articles coming out lately about standing desks, sitting desks, and how your sedentary job will kill you quickly, I figure that a little more activity in my 8 hours at the office is a good thing. Besides, the only vertical work I ever do is the occasional hill out at the Celery Fields and maybe the Ringling Bridge. This is a small change I can make to incorporate an overlooked portion of my training.