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So pretty. So shiny

Well the plan had been to run 8 miles as my “short” long run in the new SeeYas.

That didn’t quite happen.

As soon as I got a steady pace going, I noticed that there was a lot of rubbing around my Achilles on my left foot. Of course, I did what every distance runner does when they feel a twinge in the first mile – I ignored it. Obviously, my body was just trying to trick me into stopping and that wasn’t going to happen.¬†Buckle up, boys. It’s Long Run Day.

But by the time I got over the bridge that bit of irritation was growing into a sharp point of awareness. Sure enough, when I stopped for water at the bait shop on the other side of the bridge (an aside to the MTC volunteer that puts the water cooler out there every weekend – you’re amazing), there was a nice red sore spot where the heel cup was rubbing. There’s so little structure in the upper that it was allowing a lot of travel in the heel cup, nothing like the Bikila. I could tell if I let it be it was going to be raw by the time I ran back. The honeymoon was already over.

So three miles out and a killer blister on my left foot, I decide the most logical thing to do is to pop the shoes off and finish up my run totally barefoot.

It’s almost a shame, what’s gonna happen to you

The difference was astounding. That first mile was the fastest of the entire run and it¬†felt¬†fast. It’s been so long since I’ve done any work without my shoes, I’d forgotten how different my feet react. The toes splay and grab as I strike. The various surfaces – sidewalk, pavement,¬†terrazzo, grass, sand – all provide distinctly different feedback (beyond slick, not slick, slick, not slick). It was an invigorating “accident” and served to remind me that I need to work to¬†incorporate¬†regular barefoot runs into my training.

I’m still not ready to ditch the shoes – the sore spot on the pad of my right foot is a good reminder that feet and pavement don’t like each other all that much; but I’ll make sure I’m prepared on my next run with some Bodyglide and a few Band-Aids (just in case).


Treated myself with a couple of 3-mile training runs out at the Celery Fields. They just opened the trails a few months back and they’re amazing. There’s a huge hill there in case you’re feeling especially ballsy; but the best path is across the street. Approximately three miles long (maybe a little less), it wraps around a bird sanctuary. I made sure I left the iPod in the car for these runs – between the Mallards, Coots, and Sandhill Cranes, there was more than enough sonic scenery.

Besides, I’m sure there’s a gator or two in the ponds back there; I want to make sure I hear ’em hissing before I run into them!

The path though…theoretically it’s fantastic – loose scrim and dirt that provides decent traction and a fair amount of cushion. But with my choice of shoes? Let’s just say that after two nights I felt every damn rock poking me in every damn soft spot on the bottoms of my feet. I’ve never been so glad to hit pavement! I’ll still go out there; but maybe only once a week (or I’ll suck it up and find a pair of trainers with thicker soles for trail running).

The runs themselves were nice reminders of what the Fall will be like – storms rolling in on both evenings so it was nice and cool (and wet on Wednesday). Though I was wondering around 2.5 miles why exactly I was doing this to myself. I’ll need to work on that mental fortitude!

Tomorrow? A well deserved rest. Maybe some yoga on Saturday; then Sunday is my first “long” run on the plan. Four miles, here I come! I’ve managed to not to take walk breaks both nights; let’s see if I can make that stick.

Mileage 8
Weeks to Race 14

Changing it Up

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Running
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Training plan called for 3 miles today and 2 tomorrow; but the reality of juggling 4 schedules hit early. Had to flip-flop my runs. Ended up being a good thing since about 1.25 miles in, I was wondering how I could run .75 more; much less 12!

Granted, I was running in the garage and it was hot as all Hell. Can’t wait for the Fall when at-home workout options don’t come with a side of “you may die from heatstroke.”

In the end I hit my normal sub-12 pace (even if I did pump the treadmill to 8 mph for .1 miles). Not super fast, but good enough to knock the cobwebs loose.

Mileage: 2
Weeks to Race: 14

On Scheduling

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Running
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Just spent a solid 30 minutes detailing my training plan for the next 14 weeks. Feel rather accomplished and now see no need to run today. After all, I thought about running…a lot. It’s practically the same thing!

Welcome to the 2011 Race Season!

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Running
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Made it through the summer and the leisurely beach runs (which were some of the hardest, fastest “leisurely” runs I’ve ever done). Manasota Track Club is amazing for putting them on and giving me weekly reasons to stay off my ass and train!

But with the beach runs done, I have to fill the void with a new goal, lest I slide back into my sedate ways. For my birthday, I had Noelle get me a registration for the PAL half in November. That should fit the bill nicely.

So how did I kick off my new training schedule? With a vigorous 5-mile run? With a few hours of weights? Nah. I did a half hour of yoga.

There’s a method to my madness. First, it’s damn hard yoga (even if it was from a DVD – sorry, Karma!). Second, I’m coming off a disappointingly lite training week and don’t want to run without stretching things out first. Third, Higdon’s plan calls for today to be a cross-training day, so I might as well take advantage of a guilt-free “no-run” day! So no miles today, but one training session ticked off. Countdown has begun!

Mileage: 0.0
Weeks to Race: 14

Run #17: Cobbler, Cobbler, Cobbler

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Running

I didn’t run last night.

I was gonna. But there was cobbler involved. Not just any cobbler, this cobbler. Made with blueberries. And a crumbly pecan topping. And homemade whipped cream.

I regret nothing.

So I hit the pavement tonight to make up for my cobblericious betrayal (granted, tonight’s run was also followed by cobbler…don’t judge me). Actually was able to pound out a respectable 5K time (for me). Even though the Runkeeper site says 3.03 miles and my Runkeeper app told me 3.1 when I was running. IT LIES! IT LIEEEESSSSS!


So to sum up: 5K in under 40 minutes, under 13/mile pace, cobbler.

Damn good evening if you ask me.

Run #16: Sooooo Close

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Running

.01 miles…that’s all I needed to make 2.5! Grrr. I really hate it when I guesstimate my distance and am off by a teeny amount. I know that it’s essentially the same, but still, I feel cheated!

Was raining all day today so it was insanely muggy when I got out. The plus side was that it was raining all day, so things were about 15 degrees cooler than they usually would have been. I was still soaked within a quarter mile, but it didn’t feel like I was running through the middle of the Okefenokee.

Wasn’t really wanting to run, but I’d done as much damage redecorating and drilling into walls as I was going to do without seriously annoying everyone, so getting out was a very good thing. Managed to keep it just over 13 per mile, which isn’t bad since I wasn’t actively going out to beat my time. I’m getting faster, sloooowly, but it’s coming along. I think that the fall is going to be fantastic for really adding speed. It’s amazing what a few degrees of temperature difference can do!

Post-run, I’m seriously considering finding out how well vodka would go with Electro Mix. Pretty damn well, I’d think. Also fairly counter-intuitive; but a guy’s got to treat himself, right?