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Treated myself with a couple of 3-mile training runs out at the Celery Fields. They just opened the trails a few months back and they’re amazing. There’s a huge hill there in case you’re feeling especially ballsy; but the best path is across the street. Approximately three miles long (maybe a little less), it wraps around a bird sanctuary. I made sure I left the iPod in the car for these runs – between the Mallards, Coots, and Sandhill Cranes, there was more than enough sonic scenery.

Besides, I’m sure there’s a gator or two in the ponds back there; I want to make sure I hear ’em hissing before I run into them!

The path though…theoretically it’s fantastic – loose scrim and dirt that provides decent traction and a fair amount of cushion. But with my choice of shoes? Let’s just say that after two nights I felt every damn rock poking me in every damn soft spot on the bottoms of my feet. I’ve never been so glad to hit pavement! I’ll still go out there; but maybe only once a week (or I’ll suck it up and find a pair of trainers with thicker soles for trail running).

The runs themselves were nice reminders of what the Fall will be like – storms rolling in on both evenings so it was nice and cool (and wet on Wednesday). Though I was wondering around 2.5 miles why exactly I was doing this to myself. I’ll need to work on that mental fortitude!

Tomorrow? A well deserved rest. Maybe some yoga on Saturday; then Sunday is my first “long” run on the plan. Four miles, here I come! I’ve managed to not to take walk breaks both nights; let’s see if I can make that stick.

Mileage 8
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