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Changing it Up

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Running
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Training plan called for 3 miles today and 2 tomorrow; but the reality of juggling 4 schedules hit early. Had to flip-flop my runs. Ended up being a good thing since about 1.25 miles in, I was wondering how I could run .75 more; much less 12!

Granted, I was running in the garage and it was hot as all Hell. Can’t wait for the Fall when at-home workout options don’t come with a side of “you may die from heatstroke.”

In the end I hit my normal sub-12 pace (even if I did pump the treadmill to 8 mph for .1 miles). Not super fast, but good enough to knock the cobwebs loose.

Mileage: 2
Weeks to Race: 14